Friday, 11 October 2013


OK, so here we go with the LEJOG by bus blog from Michael and Jez.

There is much less than a week to go. Preparations are made. Route and schedule are worked out, checked and double checked. What could possibly go wrong now? Well, lots. Members of family being poorly (and some passing away) has dampened the run up to the event itself, and is very sad,  but this is not going to get in the way of the trip!

As for targets and totals, well, we are upwards of £8k… some 40% to target. In truth we are somewhere over £9,000 already, although we wait for some Kuwaiti Dinars to arrive. So that is heading in the right direction!

What has struck me over the last few weeks – especially during the Bus and Coach Exhibition in Birmingham last week – was how tremendously generous and lovely people within the bus industry are! From free passes to quite grand donations to the event, the industry has demonstrated that it is so much more than large vehicles trundling around the roads. Thank you to all – we should all be proud of our bus industry (and using it!!)

How to start a blog though. Well, I hope it isn’t too complicated! It can’t be as we will be updating things as we travel along (chance to check if those ‘on bus’ wifi networks really work:-) If you would like to follow the journey, we will be twitting, facebooking and blogging our way up the country (hopefully there will be enough time to enjoy the scenery and talk to each other!)

To follow the journey, use the links at the side of the page (and follow this blog). Its going to be fun. Honest!


  1. so have we missed something - are you raising money for charity? pity the journey does not come past Pembrokeshire. I should have cycled at the same time and enjoyed the stops wit the bus boys. Are you really going to wear suits and ties all the time!!!

  2. Steve, you haven't missed it - we start from Lands End tomorrow via Ipswich. If you start cycling now, we should pass you in Colchester

    All the best

    Michael (via Michael)