There are two charities that will benefit from the proceeds of this trip:

Cariad Rose Trust

This is a trust fund set up to help benefit a single child. Why choose this? Well, Cariad Howat is Jez Howat's 10 year old daughter who lives with a severe form of muscular dystrophy called SMA (type 1). To find out more about Cariad and her life see the Cariad Rose Trusts website.

The money donated as a result of this trip will go to ensuring Cariad can take the holiday of a lifetime - flying to Orlando and enjoying Disney World. This is something that has only recently been possible for people with complex health challenges and, as she loves Disney and is a princess it is  wish that ought to be fulfilled.

For more information about Cariad, visit the trust website: Cariad Rose Trust

Make A Wish Foundation (UK)

Once the magic number has been achieved for Cariads dream holiday - a real wish in its own right and, until recently, impossible to achieve - we want to spread the same idea to others who live with difficulties and challenges. Luckily, there is an organisation that already exists to make dreams come true in this way- the Make a Wish foundation.

Make A Wish was chosen by Cariad herself (she likes the idea of giving them a physically large presentation cheque!)

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