Of course, we get to do the fun bit. To some our trip is a dream holiday in order to raise money for a dream holiday... to others, well, perhaps not quite so. The serious bit is the raising money bit, and for that we want to say thank you to each and every person who has donated.

Special Thanks must go to:

  • Omnibus - Without whom etc.!
  • Alison McCalpin PR - For the PR and marketing expertise
  • Blossom Development Trust - For making charity things easier and running the donations page for us
  • Stagecoach Group - for bus passes, very generous donation and travel back
  • First Group - For bus passes and travel to the start
  • Go Ahead - For bus passes

An important consequence of this trip, we hope, is raising the profile of local bus services in the UK. Several companies are helping us to do so - and we trust using the trip for their own promotion too! So thanks goes to:

  • Ipswich Bus
  • Reading Bus
  • Trent Barton Bus
  • First Bus
  • Route One (Bus industry magazine)

And finally we HAVE to say thank you to all those who have donated so generously (I would put names but probably not appropriate and many are anonymous...)

Thank you to all the companies who have donated:
  • Omnibus
  • 146 Cider Company
  • Ipswich Bus
  • Leaders Letting Agency
  • Once Upon A Tree Cider and Perry
  • Ticketer
  • Stagecoach Group
  • Reading Bus
  • Kuwait City Bus

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