Monday, 21 October 2013

Day 7 Part 1: Dundee to Keith

Sorry, there is really no purpose to use this photograph, other than to demonstrate that in the last week the only person that I found to be taller and, well, more statuesque than Mr Michael Meilton – my travelling buddy (or should that be ‘my travelling bussy’) is made of bronze and… in fact… a statue.
I have more photographs like that… here is one:

But this blog is recording our journey, so here we go. Dundee. Slightly grey and not that early. We head for the bus station to catch the Stagecoach X7, Coastal Rider. All on time and ship shape.

Stagecoach X7 to Aberdeen

We were the first boarding and – not satisfied with the photo I took on the stand I figured ‘arty’ wins the day as proof and took some of the scenery. Here are some:

I am biased. My roots are in Scotland (remember). It was the most beautiful journey. Sea on the right and fields (and a few hills I suppose – give that this is east coast Scotland) on the left. Stagecoach bus driver Bruce was probably one of the nicest, most courteous bus drivers so far on this journey. Mr Souter (Mr Stagecoach for those unfamiliar with the bus industry) – please note and put this guy up for an award! This guy was fantastic to everyone that came and went on this bus! How do I know? I was sat right at the front behind the driver.

Everyone was pretty peaceful on the journey and other than noting that it was very well patronised for a Sunday morning, everything went according to plan. So we ended up with an hour to kill in Aberdeen… so we went for a coffee and a proper muffin.
It's very important to pack your rucksack right

Stagecoach 10 to Inverness
Silly photographs allowing, we connected with the 10 well. Another coach style bus (I am very impressed with how Stagecoach actually think about what type of vehicle each service needs rather than how many seats they can achieve… makes travelling much more enjoyable). We boarded and assumed our new favourite positions – one to the left and one behind the driver. Thinking about this, we had our wonderful ‘Privilege Passes’ (and on First Bus our golden ‘VIP Passes) so each driver must have thought we were inspectors! I had a number of raised eyebrows using these cards… not that I enjoy putting other people under pressure… Of course!!

Driver David (as we found out later) was good and we were making really good progress. I tried evesdropping but other than one passenger being lovely to another less abled passenger (Debbie, you know who you are and you made that young mans day just talking to him!) there is nothing particularly funny or meaningful to report.
The journey was nearly as beautiful as the first. We glided through the towns all the way to Keith (it’s a town… yes I know it’s also a persons name) where the lad got off the bus as happy as Larry. Things then went a bit wrong.

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