Sunday, 20 October 2013

Day 5: People we met

If ever there was a reason for writing this, then today is that reason. Having said that, after today we are going to have to be a little more creative to find people to meet. As it is the weekend, most sane people are having a break!

First off... I really don't need to introduce the man that Mr MANGO. However, we should also remember the poor guy who has to stand alongside him; Stuart Booth. I will have to pinch one of Trent Barton Buses photos to include Stuart... though here is Mr Mango (out of breath!!)

We also ought to say hi and thanks to Alex Hornby, Commercial Director for Trent Barton, who clearly thought that what two people like us needed was a dose of the MANGO!

The other group of people also barely need an introduction. We cannot say thank you enough to the team at Omnibus. Peter and Carol have gone so far in supporting this adventure - and to include a Routemaster on our journey was just a bit special... especially as I rather liked the Boris... New Bus For London. Here is the team:

The Omnibus team... though no sign of David A... will seek a photo

It was a fab surprise to see David Abraham amongst the numbers - retirement has! surely suited him and he positively looked happy. Only joking David - it was really nice to see you.

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