Thursday, 17 October 2013

Day 3: People we met

I know, this is very late in being posted. However, we cannot go on to the next day until we say hello and thank you to all those who supported us and made the effort to meet up with us during our trip through London and beyond.

First up is First Bus – notably Matthew Wooll, Simon Goff and the team. We knew you were going to be there but the sign and destination blind really set the day off well! (nice bus too:-) And we must also say 'hello' to Barry Storey, hiding in the shadows of the bus station. It was nice to meet you.

Matt Wooll and co, First Bus

Andy Gray
During our trip, we were joined by Andy Gray. It was great to meet you and thanks for travelling with us into London.

Then there was Sir Peter Hendy. Thanks for coming to meet us and travelling on the new bus for London – it was a pleasure meeting one of Michaels co-organisers of the Imber Bus… for those who do not know, Imber is a disused village in the middle of Salisbury Plain, and once a year the MOD allow these busaholics run Routemasters to and from it. Well worth a visit (and the trip). Oh, and thanks for the Oyster card that you funded yourself... I suspect my sister in law will have the 'limited edition' card holder though:-)

Sir Peter Hendy CBE - don't worry, I will sort this photo out later!
Having worked through London, a shout has to go out to Bernie Elsom. Sadly no photograph with Bernie, as we failed to hook up with him at Stratford. However, thanks for making the effort!

We also need to make a shout out to Carters and Steve, our 93X driver. No photograph, but thank you for being there for us when we were potentially stuck!

Finally, on reaching Ipswich we were hosted by the Ipswich crew of Dean Robbie, Malcolm Robson and Mike Kingshott. Great evening – great people. Oh, and to Kashwi and her restaurant team at Zaika Indian Restaurant (have I plugged that enough yet?:-)

Dean Robbie, Ipswich Bus (with Mr Egg head)

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