Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Day 8: People we met

Come on, it’s the far north of the UK… surely there is no one left to meet?!

The most wonderful people, of course, were there to cheer us in, take photographs (and buy us a coffee… and tea:-). Here is a photograph of Peter and Carol at the north pole… no, sorry, as John O’Groats signpost. And they definitely deserve to be there with us!

As always, with two cantankerous and chatty blokes, we met some other people during the day. The two most notable were the driver of the 80 (the wiggle bus, as I called it). Sadly we didn’t get a photograph of him. He was from Nottingham.
The other person was the funny (if opinionated) manager of the Pentland Lodge Guesthouse, Lisa. She refused to have her picture taken, but the hotel is very lovely if anyone is thinking of holidaying in Thurso.
I think they are both in some kind of witness protection!

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