Monday, 14 October 2013

Day 1: People we have met...

I ought to finish today with a it of a roll call for all the wonderful people we have met on the way. From the drivers who were friendly (and very helpful) to those who joined us - put us up and came to meet us.

First for mention is Phil, Belinda and Joseph Broughton  These guys put us up for the night and even drove us to Lands End to start the trip! Phil went that little further and stopped at Penzance to meet us off the bus... though I think pasties or such like was involved!

Sadly, I don't have a photo of them yet - Michael needs to master all his technology first!!

It is also appropriate (and also waiting for Mr Meilton to get his photo's in order) to thank and name check Wendy Meilton - who not only shed light on many Michael habits yesterday evening but also joined us on our first trip out of Lands End.

Whilst on about Lands End, we were met by one of the nurses who has looked after Cariad. Thank you Anne for joining us - hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday:

When we got to Exeter, we were greeted by two people - Jackie Richards, an Omnibus employee based in Devon, and Michaels long lost cousin of about 15 generations ago, Julianna Meilton:

We were brought food and a laugh whilst we waited for the next bus to arrive.

Thank you all for making the effort to turn up!!!

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  1. Great meeting you both yesterday. Hope the drivers today are as nice as they were yesterday. I am looking forward to hearing about your trip on the healthy glow bus this afternoon!