Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Day 2: People we have met

As Michael put prior to leaving, we aren't going to get that much time; just the two of us together.

Well, today proved as tricky to get some Meilton/Howat quality time - and we thank each and every person who joined us today.

First up is Alison Henderson of First Bus (South). It was lovely to meet you - sorry Cariad wasn't able to get there:

Secondly, thanks to Simon Storey; the younger face of Omnibus. Simon joined us for a couple of trips in to Reading and acted as our guide (sort of) to Berkshire:

And finally, thanks go to James Freeman, Jake and Helmut from Reading Buses for making the end of the journey much more fun than the beginning! I hope you get the local news interested as you are proof positive that Bus people are great!

To be honest, Michael has had 7 years of me at Omnibus - I think his idea of quality time surely must be time on his own:-)

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