Friday, 18 October 2013

Day 4: People we met...

One thing I can say about this journey across and around the country - it isn't lonely! And today (day 4) was one of the busiest - and at times funniest too.

First up for a big shout are our saviours, the Ipswich bus team. Starting with Stu, who gave us a lift to our first bus (and understood why we were being so bloomin difficult), and then to Dean and Malcom - who met us early doors, took us on a ride around town and made sure we left the city!

Left to right - Handle, Dean, Jez and Malcolm
I should also thank Mike Kingshott of Ipswich Bus. Not just for turning up but for being a good sport when we tricked him into this photograph:

Mike Kingshott - the face of Ipswich Buses

Moving on a way, equally large thanks and hello to Alison O'Calpin, the Omnibus PR expert (and very bouncy person when exited!) Thanks for travelling with us Alison, although you do have a nervous disposition...get a new ringtone!

Alison O'Calpin
At Cambrdge we met Keith, the photographer (see Alison, I remembered his name all by myself:-) I don't have a photo of him yet, but will post one as soon as I do.

Also, we HAVE to thank both Colin and Margaret of Stagecoach for their hospitality whilst travelling across Cambridgeshire. No photo once again, but we were very happy to meet you!

One person who I very nearly forgot... though we didn't so much see him as spot him on the busway, was Jamie Armstrong. Thanks for joining in Jamie - you have not been forgotten! Here is a photo of Jamie at Histon (look at the bottom left hand corner):

Jamie Armstongs back, leg or arm... OK, sometimes photo's go wrong!

At Peterborough we met with Mel Holley of Route One magazine, who was keen to hear all the gossip (he is a journalist - of course he likes to hear gossip:-) and set us the task of fact finding for him. Good to see you again Mel... we hope you can collate all the press releases coming out of this trip for your magazine. Then I really will have made it in the industry:-)

A typical pose for Mel Holley
Sorry to have missed Mr Mango of Trent Barton Buses... though not too much as the meeting has been rearranged for Derby on Day 5. Looking forward to it.

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